Exacure modules

Since more than a decade BEC cooperates closely with leading treatment centers and research institutes in radiotherapy. Based on this massive experience and knowledge we designed a system that complies with or even exceeds the requirements for future patient positioning. With exacure we offer a cutting-edge system that flexibly combines robotic patient positioning with additional modules for high-end radiotherapy.


About BEC

BEC is a German robotic specialist that develops high-tech applications for radiotherapy, located in Pfullingen / Germany. Since the company was founded in 2003, BEC has steadily evolved into a technology leader for high-precision robotic applications. Today we deliver our systems to medical device manufacturers, clinics and research institutes worldwide.

At BEC innovation is not just a buzz word, it's our mission! Innovation continuously and sustainably improves our products and services across all business units. Our target is to supply our customers with high-quality products and to help increase efficiency and accuracy with the best technology available.

"Irradiating a tumor accurately while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue, calls for the ultimate solution in patient positioning technology. Transferring cutting-edge technology from industrial applications to medical robotics was a key factor to the successful development of the exacure system."
Matthias Buck, CEO